How to Set Favorites in Microsoft Edge - dummies

How to Set Favorites in Microsoft Edge

By Andy Rathbone

When surfing with Microsoft Edge, the browser than comes with Windows 10, sooner or later, you’ll stumble across a web page that’s indescribably delicious. To make sure that you can find it again later, add it to your list of favorite pages. To add the currently viewed page to your Favorites list, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Favorites icon (the little star) near Microsoft Edge’s top-right edge. Then choose either Favorites or Reading List from the drop-down menu.

    The menu offers two places to stash your coveted web page:

    • Favorites: Click Favorites to add the site to your list of favorite sites for quick revisiting. Links added here always take you to the current version of the web page.

    • Reading List: Choose this option for longer web pages that are packed with information you’d like to read later. Unlike with the Favorites option, web pages added here are saved to Microsoft Edge’s Reading List, a storage space where you can read them later at your leisure.

  2. Click the Add button.

    Whether you choose Favorites or Reading List, a box appears, listing the site’s name. (Feel free to edit the name to make it more descriptive.)

    Click the Add button, and the name is added to whichever area you chose: your Favorites list or Reading List.


To return to a favorite page, click Microsoft Edge’s Hub icon. When the menu drops down, click the Favorites icon (the little star icon) from the menu’s top or the Reading List icon. Your list of sites appears, letting you return to one with a click on its name.

To remove a disappointing item from your list of Favorites or Reading List, click the Hub button. When the Hub menu appears, click the appropriate icon to see your Favorites or Reading List. Finally, right-click the name of your unwanted item and choose Remove from the pop-up menu.