How to Search and Explore with the Windows 10 Maps App - dummies

How to Search and Explore with the Windows 10 Maps App

By Peter Weverka

With the Windows 10 Maps app, you can not only get directions to specific locations, you also can look up hotels and restaurants when you’re on the go.

  1. Select the Maps app on the Start menu to open the Maps app.

    Use this app to locate places and to get driving or walking directions.

  2. Select the Menu button to expand the app bar and get a better idea of what the options for searching and exploring are. Then, on the app bar, select Search.

    The Search panel appears. It lists items you already searched for, if you searched already. You can select an item on the list to revisit it.


  3. Type de young museum in the Search box.

    As you type, options appear in the Search panel. Select the de Young Museum in San Francisco. As shown, the Maps app shows you where the de Young Museum is located; it also provides some information about the museum.

  4. Select the Zoom Out button (or press Ctrl+minus sign) on the app bar in the map. Then select the Zoom In button (or press Ctrl+plus sign).

    The tools on the app bar can help you read the map better.

  5. In the Maps app bar, select Directions.

    With the cursor in the From box, select de Young Museum in the search results to enter the de Young Museum in the From box. In the To box, type haight-ashbury and then select Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco, California in the search results. The Maps app gives you driving directions between the two locations and tells you how long the drive will take. Rather than enter a search term, you can enter street addresses if you know the address of the place you want to go.

  6. Are you walking, not driving? In that case, select the Walking icon at the top of the Search panel to get directions for walking between the two locations.

    Select the Print icon in the search results to print the map and directions that are currently onscreen.

  7. On the app bar, select Search and then select Restaurants in the Search panel.

    You see a list of restaurants on the map, as shown. You can select the name of a restaurant to find out more about it. You can select the word Directions under a restaurant name to get directions for going there.


  8. Select the Back button as many times as necessary to retrace your steps through this little tour of the Maps app.

    You can always select the Back button to backtrack and go to the previous screen.