How to Print from the Windows 10 Start Menu - dummies

How to Print from the Windows 10 Start Menu

By Andy Rathbone

Although Microsoft now tries to pretend that Windows 10 Start screen apps and desktop programs are the same, apps often behave quite differently than traditional desktop programs.

Many of the apps can’t print at all, and those that do allow printing don’t offer many ways to tinker with your printer’s settings. Nevertheless, when you must print something from a Windows app, following these steps ensures the best chance of success:

  1. From the Start menu, load the app containing information you want to print.

    Cross your fingers in the hopes that your app is one of the few that can print.

  2. Click the app’s Settings icon or More icon to see the drop-down menus.


    A click on these three striped lines, known informally as the hamburger menu, fetch a drop-down menu. (This drop-down menu sometimes replaces the Charms bar’s icons found in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.)


    Similarly, a click on an icon of three dots found in some apps also fetches a drop-down menu. (The three dots menu is sometimes known called a more menu, because it brings you more options.

    On a tablet running in Tablet mode, bring a full-screen app’s menu into view by sliding your finger down from the tablet’s top edge.

    When you click Print from the drop-down menu, the app’s Print menu appears, similar to the one shown ihere. (If the word Print is grayed out, that app isn’t able to print.)

    Choose your printing options or click the More Settings link for additional options.
    Choose your printing options or click the More Settings link for additional options.
  3. Click the printer to receive your work.

    Click the Printer box, and a drop-down menu appears, listing any printers available to your computer. Click the name of printer you want to handle the job.

  4. Make any final adjustments.

    The Printer window offers a preview of what you’re printing, with the total number of pages listed above. To browse the pages you’re about to print, click the Previous or Next buttons above the preview.

    Not enough options? Then click the More Settings link. The Pages per Sheet setting lets you shrink several pages onto a single sheet of paper, which is handy for printing multiple small photos on a color printer.

  5. Click the Print button.

    Windows shuffles your work to the printer of your choice, using the settings you chose in Step 4.

Although you can print from a few apps, you’ll eventually run into limitations:

  • Most apps can’t print. You can’t print a day’s itinerary from your Calendar app, for example, or even a monthly calendar.

  • The More Settings link, described earlier in Step 4, lets you choose between Portrait and Landscape mode, as well as choose a printer tray. However, you won’t find more detailed adjustments, such as choosing margins or adding headers and footers.

In short, although you can print from a few apps, your results will be quick and dirty. Desktop programs, described in the rest of this chapter, usually offer much control over printing jobs.