How to Play Videos and TV Shows in Windows 10

By Andy Rathbone

Many digital cameras and smartphones can capture short videos as well as photos, so don’t be surprised if Windows 10 Media Player places several videos in its library’s Video section.

Playing videos works much like playing a digital song. Click Videos in the Navigation Pane along Windows Media Player’s left side. Double-click the video you want to see and start enjoying the action, as shown here.

Move the mouse over the video to make the controls appear.
Move the mouse over the video to make the controls appear.

Windows Media Player lets you watch videos in several sizes. Make it fill the screen by holding down Alt and press Enter, for example. (Repeat those keystrokes to return to the original size.)

  • To make the video adjust itself automatically to the size of your Windows Media Player window, right-click the video as it plays, choose Video from the pop-up menu, and select Fit Video to Player on Resize.

  • You can also toggle full-screen mode by clicking the Full Screen toggle in the video’s bottom-right corner.

  • When choosing video to watch on the Internet, your connection speed determines its quality. Broadband connections can usually handle high-definition videos, but slower connections and slower computers often have problems. You can’t damage your computer by choosing the wrong quality of video; the video just skips and pauses while playing.

  • Windows Media Player’s Recorded TV area only lists TV shows recorded by Media Center, a program available on earlier Windows versions. If you upgraded your PC to Windows 10, your recorded TV shows remain. (Media Center, however, isn’t available for Windows 10, unfortunately.)