How to Create and Utilize Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

This is a new feature not previously available in Windows. The desktops can be switched into view on your monitor so that you can work on both "virtual desktops" simultaneously. This video details how to create additional desktops by clicking on the Task View button and choosing "Add a Desktop." To create more versions, simply continue adding desktops in this manner. To switch between desktops, simply click the thumbnail of your new desktop under the Task View button and you will be switched to your chosen version. You will also see how you can use the Task View button to view a desktop's current open windows by hovering your mouse over each desktop. Closing an open desktop is just as easy as clicking the X in the corner of the desktop thumbnail. You can even move an open window from one desktop to another by right clicking the window and choosing "Move to"from the drop down menu that appears.