How to Create a HomeGroup in Windows 10 to Share Information among Devices

This video describes how to create a HomeGroup on a work computer so that you can add devices at home to that group. You need to select a Private Network Profile for your network connection. The video outlines the procedure for creating the HomeGroup in Windows 10 Settings located in the Start menu. Under Settings, you choose Network & Internet. After you choose WiFi or Ethernet, you will see Related Settings. Under this option, choose HomeGroup. This video also informs you how to select files and devices to become part of the HomeGroup. Click Create a HomeGroup and choose Next. A window will appear where you can view and select items for adding to the HomeGroup. Once you have chosen your items and clicked Next, you will see how Windows 10 generates a unique password for your HomeGroup. It is wise to record this password in case other users need to add things to this HomeGroup, which can only be done with this password. Choose Finish and the HomeGroup window closes.