How to Control Startup Apps through Windows 10

By Peter Weverka

Startup apps are applications that start running when you turn on your computer. You might be surprised by how many Windows 10 startup apps run in the background without your knowing it. Occasionally you install new software or download a program from the Internet and discover that it runs automatically whether you like it or not. Sometimes the number of startup apps slows the computer down.

To see which apps start running automatically when you turn on your computer, start the Task Manager with one of these techniques:

  • Keyboard: Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager on the blue screen.

  • Desktop: On the Desktop, enter task in the Search box and then select the Task Manager tile on the menu that appears.

  1. Select More Details in the Task Manager window and then select the Startup tab. This is the list of applications that start when your computer starts.


  2. Use one of these techniques to open your browser, go on the Internet, and find out what one of these startup applications does:

    • Mouse: Right-click an application and choose Search Online.

    • Touchscreen: Tap and hold down the name of an application. When a box appears around your fingertip, select Search Online.

    Notice the Startup Impact column in the Task Manager. Applications with a high impact may be slowing down your computer. If you decide that one of these applications is unwanted or is slowing you down, disable it. (Don’t worry, you can enable it later on very easily.)

  3. Disable a startup application with one of these techniques:

    • Mouse: Right-click the application and choose Disable.

    • Touchscreen: Tap and hold down the name of the application and choose Disable.

    To enable a startup application in the Task Manager, display its shortcut menu and choose Enable. The Status column in the Task Manager tells you whether a startup application has been disabled.