How to Add Events and Appointments to the Windows 10 Calendar - dummies

How to Add Events and Appointments to the Windows 10 Calendar

By Andy Rathbone

In Windows 10, after you enter your online accounts such as Gmail, Outlook,, and others, you’ve already stocked the Calendar app with your existing appointments.


To see your appointments, click the Start menu’s Calendar tile, shown here. Or, if you’re working in the Mail app, click the Calendar icon from the Mail app’s bottom-left corner.

When first opened, the Calendar app asks you to add your email accounts. If you’ve already entered your accounts into the Mail app, they already show up here.

The Calendar opens to show any appointments associated with your email accounts, like Google or To see more or less days displayed, click the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month button along the top. If you click Week, for example, the Calendar app appears, as shown here.

The Calendar app displays appointments you add manually or from your online calendars.
The Calendar app displays appointments you add manually or from your online calendars.

Unless you keep all your appointments online, you’ll need to edit some entries, add new ones, or delete those you can no longer attend. This section explains how to keep your appointments up-to-date.

No matter which view the Calendar app displays, you can flip through the appointments by clicking the little arrows near the screen’s top-right corner. Click the right arrow to move forward in time; click the left arrow to move backward.

To add an appointment to your Calendar app, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Calendar tile on the Start menu.


    The Calendar appears.

    If you’re in the Mail app, you can also click the Calendar app’s icon in the Mail app’s lower-left corner (shown here.)


  2. Click the words New Event from the Calendar app’s top-left corner.

    A blank event template appears, ready for you to fill in the time and place, as well as to invite people.

  3. Fill out the Details form.

    Shown here, most of the choices are self-explanatory fields.

    Add your appointment's date, start time, duration, and other details.
    Add your appointment’s date, start time, duration, and other details.

    The biggest challenge comes with the Calendar field, an option available only if you’ve entered more than one email account into your Mail app. Which email account should receive the new calendar appointment?

    Again, the answer depends on your phone. Choose Gmail to send appointments to Gmail’s calendar, where they appear on your Android phone.

    Or, you can choose your Microsoft account. You can then download and install the Outlook app, available on both Android and iPhones. The Outlook app can sync the Windows 10 Calendar app’s appointments with your phone.

  4. Click the Save & Close button.

    The Calendar app adds your new appointment to the Windows Calendar, as well as to whichever account you chose in Step 3.

To edit or delete an appointment, open it from the calendar. Click the Delete button from the top menu. To edit it, open it from the calendar, make your changes, and save your changes by clicking the Save & Close button.