How to Add Billing Information to Microsoft Store through Windows 10 - dummies

How to Add Billing Information to Microsoft Store through Windows 10

By Peter Weverka

To install an app from the Microsoft Store through Windows 10, you need a Microsoft Account. If you want to purchase an app, you need to know how to add your billing information to the Store.

  1. To add the billing information necessary to buy apps, select the User button and select Purchased on the drop-down menu. Your browser opens to your Microsoft Account and you land on the Payment & Billing page.

  2. Scroll through the screen to make sure that the information here is accurate.

    If you are not being billed to the correct credit card or you want to change the credit card to which you are billed, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the View Payment Options link.

  3. For security purposes, Microsoft asks you to enter your password on the next screen. Enter your password and select the Sign In button.

    You may be asked on the next screen to verify who you are by submitting a security code. Provide the necessary information for Microsoft to contact you and select the Send Code button. After the code arrives by email or in a text message, enter it in the screen that asks for a security code.

  4. Select a payment method and do the following:

    • Select your credit card type.

      You must fill out all parts of this form except for Address Line 2.

    • Enter your credit card number in the box provided. Don’t enter dashes or spaces.

    • Under Expiration Date, select the month (MM) and year (YYYY) your card expires.

    • Enter your name as it appears on your credit card.

    • Under CVV, enter the three- or four-digit verification code from your credit card. (Select What’s This? for an illustration of the location of this code on your card.)

  5. In the Billing Address section, do the following:

    • Enter your street address, city, state, and ZIP code.

    • Select your Country/region.

    • Under Phone Number, enter your area code in the first box and the remainder of your number in the second box.

  6. When you’re ready to continue, select Next.

  7. If any of your data is incomplete or invalid, the form remains onscreen. Look for indications of a problem. Review each entry before selecting Submit.

  8. If your information was accepted, you return to the Your Account screen. Under Payment and billing info, note your credit card type, the last four digits of your number, and the expiration date.