How to Add a Location to the Windows 10 Weather App

By Peter Weverka

To check the weather somewhere you aren’t, you can add a location to the Weather app in Windows 10. Want to see what the weather’s like in your destination city before you get on that plane? Here’s how to add a location:

1From the Start screen, open the Weather app if it isn't already open. With the Weather app on the screen, select the Show Options button to expand the app bar and see the option names.

As shown, the Weather app bar appears on the left side of the screen.

2Select the Places button on the app bar.

The Places screen appears. Your screen will show a different live tile.

3Select the Add Favorite Places tile, which looks like a plus in a square.

The Add to Favorites screen appears.

4Type a location name, such as a city, in the box under Enter Location.

As you type, matching location names appear below the box. If you see the location you want, select that name to add a tile for that location to the Places screen. No need to click the Add button, unless your location does not appear automatically.

You can add other locations by repeating Steps 3 and 4.

5Select the tile for the location you added. The Weather app displays full information for the location you selected.

You can switch among multiple locations by using the Places button on the app bar.

6Return to the Start screen.

Your new favorite location does not appear on the Weather tile — yet. Select the Weather tile to return to the weather app. You see your new favorite location, as shown. In addition to the app bar on the left side of the screen, an app bar for the selected location appears along the top of the screen.

7Select the Pin button at the top of the screen.

Selecting this button adds a tile for the current location to the Start screen. (If you don’t see the Pin button, repeat Steps 2–5 to add a favorite location.)

8Return to the Start screen.

The original Weather tile appears, as well as the new tile. You may have to scroll downward to see the new Weather tile.

9Select the new Weather tile to open the app with that location. Display the app bar for Weather.

Select the Unpin button at the top of the screen to remove the tile for the current location from the Start screen. If the Unpin button doesn’t appear, repeat Step 7.

10Return to the Start screen. The location you unpinned no longer appears.

Add locations for friends, family, and travel destinations and pin these new locations to the Start screen.