How to Access and Add Accounts in the Windows 10 Mail App - dummies

How to Access and Add Accounts in the Windows 10 Mail App

This video instructs you how to access and authorize multiple accounts in Windows 10 to import information. The first time you access the People, Mail, or Calendar apps, you may be prompted for your email username and password. As you will see, it is a good idea to provide this information because it will import your information about events, contacts, and other information directly into Windows 10. This makes it easier to manage these items all from Windows 10, instead of having to access each service individually. This video will show you how to link accounts by accessing the Mail app through the Start menu. If you signed up for a Microsoft email account, the information will already be present in the window. If you want other accounts added, click the Add Accounts button. You will see a list of possible options, such as Google. The video shows you how to access these accounts, list your username and password, and connect these accounts in Windows 10. You can follow these same steps for multiple accounts.