"God Mode" in Windows 10 - dummies

By Woody Leonhard

The Windows Vista-era parlor trick commonly called “God Mode” is alive and well in Windows 10, as shown in this figure. It’s surprising to see that it made the transition to Win10, because it’s based on hooks into the Control Panel — and the Control Panel is being disassembled rapidly in Windows 10.

God Mode
“God Mode” is a massive collection of 262 shortcuts into all sorts of Windows settings, many of which are quite obscure.

The parts of God Mode that appear in Windows 10 are slightly different from the elements in Windows 8.1 (which, in turn, is slightly different from Windows 7). But the overall effect is the same.

Follow these steps to access God Mode on your Windows 10 desktop:

  1. Right-click (or tap and hold) any empty spot on the desktop. Choose New, Folder.

    A new folder appears on your desktop, ready for you to type in a name.

  2. Give the folder the name


    You can use any valid Windows filename instead of “GodMode” — call it “Parlor Trick” if you like.

  3. Tap or click the folder to bring up the list you see in the figure.

    It’s a massive list of direct links into all sorts of settings. All of them seem to work.

Some of these may be useful. For example, the AutoPlay option, when accessed through God Mode, brings up the old Windows 7/8 AutoPlay dialog box, which is considerably more advanced than the Windows 10 Settings version of AutoPlay (Start, Settings, Devices, AutoPlay).