Fixing Broken Apps in Windows 10 - dummies

By Andy Rathbone

Microsoft’s latest update to Windows 10, launched in the Spring of 2018, makes it much easier to repair groggy apps. If your app no longer seems in good health and you’d like to reset it and start from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button and choose the Settings icon from the Start menu.
    The Settings app appears.

    Settings app Windows 10

  2. Click the Settings app’s Apps icon. When the Apps window appears, click the Apps & Features link along the window’s left edge.

    The Apps & Features window appears, listing your apps alphabetically along its right side.

    Apps & Features Windows 10

  3. Click the malfunctioning app’s name and, when the menu drops down, click Advanced Options.
  4. When the Advanced Options settings appear, click the Reset button.

Windows deletes and reinstalls the app from scratch, taking any of your preference settings and sign-in details along with it. This isn’t a big deal with say, the Calculator app. But more elaborate apps like Mail and Calendar may take some time to bring back up to speed with the right settings.