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The Different Flavors of Windows 10

By Andy Rathbone

Did you know Windows 10 comes in different flavors? Well, it does! Microsoft offers several different versions of Windows 10, but you’ll probably want only one: the aptly titled “Home” version.

Small businesses will choose Windows 10 Pro, and larger businesses will want Windows 10 Enterprise.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the version you need:

  • If you’ll be using your PC at home or in your small business, pick up Windows Home.
  • If you need to connect to a domain through a work network — and you’ll know if you’re doing it — you want Windows Pro.
  • If you don’t mind running only apps from the Microsoft Store, with no desktop programs, you might be a candidate for the more secure Windows 10 S. (It costs less than other Windows versions, making it more attractive to students.)
  • If you’re a computer tech who works for businesses, go ahead and argue with your boss over whether you need Windows Pro or Windows Enterprise. The boss will make the decision based on whether it’s a small company (Windows Pro) or a large company (Windows Enterprise).

For more details about upgrading to Windows 10, visit Microsoft’s Windows website.