How to Change or Remove a Local Account Password in Windows 10 - dummies

How to Change or Remove a Local Account Password in Windows 10

By Peter Weverka

There may come a time when you want to change or remove a password that you have created for a local account. Your Windows 10 computer makes adding and removing passwords easy work. Just follow these simple steps to change or remove your local account password:

  1. On the Start screen, select your name, and then choose Change Account Settings. On the left side of the Accounts screen, select Sign-in Options.
  2. Select the Change button.
  3. On the Change Your Password screen, enter your current password and then select the Next button.
  4. On the next Change Your Password screen, enter the new password.

    To remove your current password and use no password, leave all boxes blank. However, especially if you have a laptop that you carry with you, going without a password isn’t recommended. Without a password to safeguard it, anyone can get into your laptop.

  5. In the Reenter Password box, enter the password again.
  6. Enter a hint to remind yourself — and no one else — about your password. Then select Next.
  7. If any error messages appear, correct the entries and select Next again.

    The final screen indicates that you must use your new password the next time you sign in. (This message appears even if you left the password blank, in which case you won’t need any password.)

  8. Select Finish.