Buying a Windows 10 Computer - dummies

Buying a Windows 10 Computer

By Andy Rathbone

Here’s how it usually goes: You figure that you need to buy a new PC, so you spend a couple weeks brushing up on the details — bits and bytes and kilobytes and megabytes and gigabytes — and comparison shopping. You end up at your local Computers Are Us shop, and the guy behind the counter convinces you that the absolutely best bargain you’ll ever see is sitting right here, right now, and you’d better take it quick before somebody else nabs it.

If that describes your experiences, relax. It happens to everybody. Don’t let the process stress you out. Instead, go into it prepared by looking over the following things you should know when buying a Windows 10 PC.

Now that you know these tips and what to look for, buying a computer doesn’t have to be as scary as it first appears. Just make sure you know what you’re looking for and the entire process will be much smoother for everyone involved.