Searching the Internet in Windows Me - dummies

By Andy Rathbone

Face it. Windows Me’s Internet Explorer comes with too many buttons and boxes. To help out, the Search button tacks a simple form onto Internet Explorer that plows through the Internet to find your particular information.

Click the Start button, choose Search, and select On the Internet to start searching. Click the word More to see all your options. The screen looks like Figure 1.



Figure 1: Windows Me’s Search program scours the Internet to retrieve commonly sought information.

Type what words you’re after into the Search box and click the button next to the place Windows Me should search. Here’s a rundown of what each option looks for.

Find a Web page: The Search program lists all the Web pages it can find that contain your particular word or words. To examine one of the Web sites, click on its name. (Tech note: Search uses the MSN search engine.)

Find a person’s address: Wow! Type in a person’s name, city, and state, and the Search program digs up his or her street address or e-mail address. If it finds the person, click on his or her name to get the phone number and map to his or her house. (This information comes from

Find a business: Find the location and phone number of a business. It even finds all the coffee shops in your city. (This information comes from

Previous searches: Choose this one to retrieve information from your previous ten searches — even if you didn’t bother to save it.

Find a map: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Type in an address, and Search displays it on a map. After the map appears, feel free to type in a second address for computer-generated driving directions. (This comes from

Look up a word: Forgotten what a quark is? This looks it up faster than you can grab the dictionary. (Search finds this on Encarta.)

Find a picture: Type butterfly, for instance, and Search retrieves more than 700 pictures of lepidoptera. (This comes from Corbis.)

Find in Newsgroups: For years, computer folks have chattered on newsgroups. When you search for a subject here, you usually encounter thousands of results. (This is from, which is now part of Google.)

To search for something else, click the word New — the one with the magnifying glass next to it — and Search starts at the beginning.

If you don’t like the default choices used by Search, click Customize to use your own. Substitute AltaVista as your search engine instead of MSN Search, for example.