Installing Programs in Windows Me - dummies

By Andy Rathbone

Windows Me installs itself differently on different types of computers. As it copies itself over to a hard drive, it brings different files with it. If installed on a laptop, for example, Windows Me brings along programs that help a laptop transfer files and keep track of its battery life.

Computers with smaller hard drives probably get the minimum files Windows Me needs to run. Here’s how to install programs onto your computer if Windows Me left them off the first time:

1. Double-click the Control Panel’s Add/Remove Programs icon.

You can load the Control Panel by clicking Settings in the Start menu.

2. Click the Windows Setup tab.

It’s the tab in the middle of the three along the top; after a moment of thumb-twiddling, a box appears that shows the various components of Windows Me, as well as the amount of space they need to nestle onto your computer’s hard drive.

3. Click in the little box by the programs or accessories you want to add.

A check mark appears in the box of the items you’ve selected. To select part of a category — a portion of the accessories, for example — click the category’s name and click the Details button. Windows Me lists the items available in that category, so you can only click the ones you want. If you clicked the Details button, click the OK button to continue back at the main categories list.

4. Click the OK button and insert your installation disks when asked.

Windows Me copies the necessary files from your installation disks onto your hard drive. You can remove a Windows Me accessory by removing the check mark from the box next to its name.

Windows Me comes with some pretty weird stuff, so don’t get carried away and copy all of it over — especially stuff that you’re not even going to use.