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What’s on Your Safari Reading List?

When you’re bored and surfing the web from within OS X Mountain Lion, you can rely on your reading list for entertainment. The Reading List in Safari serves as a repository for pages or links you want to read but don’t want to read right now.

The Reading List is a lot like a bookmark, but easier to create on the fly, which makes it perfect for sites or links you don’t need to keep forever (that’s what bookmarks are for).

One way to add a page to your Reading List is to open the page and click the Reading List icon (the eyeglasses). The Reading List sidebar appears on the left side of the window. Click the Add Page button in the Reading List sidebar.


To add a link to your Reading List without visiting the page, press the Shift key when you click. It’s fast and works even when the Reading List sidebar is closed. Or right-click the link and choose Add to Reading List from the contextual menu.

Finally, to delete an item from your Reading List, click the X in its top-right corner. To delete them all at once, click the Clear All button.

If you don’t see an X, move the cursor over the item you want to delete, and it magically appears.