Using Stickies in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

Using Stickies in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

Stickies are electronic sticky notes for your Mac. A Sticky is a convenient place in Mac OS X Lion to jot quick notes or phone numbers that you’re going to need later.


To create a new Sticky, choose File→New Note.

OS X Lion Stickies are supremely flexible:

  • Move them around on-screen (just drag ’em by their title bars).

  • Change their text to any font and color you desire by using the Note menu.

  • Make your Stickies any color you like by using the Color menu.

  • Collapse a Sticky by double-clicking its title bar.

  • Print a Sticky, and import or export text files from the Stickies application menu.

If you hover the cursor over a Sticky without clicking, the creation and modification dates and times pop up in a little tooltip-style window.

Anything that you type on a Sticky is automatically saved as long as you keep that note open. But when you close a note (by clicking its Close box, choosing File→Close, or pressing Command+W), you lose its contents forever. Fortunately, Stickies give you a warning and a second chance to save the note in a separate file on your hard drive. You can also export Stickies (choose File→Export Text) and save them as plain text, Rich Text Format (RTF) files, or as RTF with attachments (RTFD) files. The last two formats support fonts and other formatting that plain-text format does not.

Other Sticky goodies include a spell checker, spoken notes, text substitutions (such as Smart Quotes and Smart Dashes), and transformations (such as Make Upper or Lower case), all on the Edit menu. You’ll also find a Make a New Sticky Note command on the Services menu of many programs.