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Using Safari Top Sites Page in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

In Mac OS X Lion, Safari keeps track of the websites you visit most often. The OS X Lion Top Sites page has quickly become a favorite Safari feature and is super convenient, particularly if you use the same pages over and over. If a page is in your top sites, you don’t have to bookmark it.


To see it, choose History→Show Top Sites, press Command+Shift+1, or click the Top Sites button, which you’ll find to the right of the Show All Bookmarks button.

As you surf the web, Safari learns your favorite sites and replaces the sites on the Top Sites page with the ones you visit most.

The little stars you see in the top-right corner of some sites indicate that the page has changed since the last time you visited it.

Click the Edit button in the bottom-left corner, and you can

  • Delete a site you don’t want on your Top Sites page. Click the little X in its top-left corner.

  • “Pin” a site to your Top Sites page to make it remain one of your Top Sites, even if you don’t visit that page for a while. Click the pushpin in its top-left corner. All the items in the top row of are marked as permanent Top Sites.

  • Change the number and size of the sites shown. Choose Small (24 sites), Medium (12 sites), or Large (6).