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Top Six Things You Should Never Do with Your Mac

By Bob LeVitus

Part of Mac OS X Lion For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Here’s how to treat your Mac with care — especially if it’s loaded with Mac OS X Lion. Never do these six things with your Mac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro:

  • Never clean your monitor with Windex (or another product not designed to be used on a video display). And nix the paper towels and tissues, too. Use a soft cloth (microfiber is best) if you want to avoid scratching the display.

  • Never pay attention to anyone who says that PCs are just like the Mac. Yeah, right. And Kia is the Asian cousin of BMW.

  • Never bump, drop, shake, wobble, dribble, drop-kick, or play catch with a hard drive while it’s running Lion. Don’t forget: Your desktop Mac has a hard drive inside it, too.

  • Never shut off your Mac by pulling the plug. Always use the Shut Down command from the Apple menu in Lion (or press the Power button and then click the Shut Down button).

    If you’re using a laptop, you can usually get away with pulling the plug while it’s running. The only caveat is that if your battery is totally depleted, damaged, or missing entirely, you could suffer directory damage or data loss by pulling the plug. Just use the Shut Down command and you’ll sleep well.

  • Never get up from your Mac without saving your work. Just before your behind leaves the chair, your fingers should be pressing Command+S (which is the keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X Lion that saves your work). Make it a habit.

  • Never keep only one copy of your important documents. Make at least two backup copies and keep one of them in another location. Period.