Switching between Windows and OS X Yosemite with Boot Camp - dummies

Switching between Windows and OS X Yosemite with Boot Camp

By Mark L. Chambers

Here are three methods for switching back and forth between your OS X partition and your Windows partition when you have Boot Camp installed on your system:

  • From OS X Yosemite:

    1. To restart your Mac in Windows, click System Preferences on the Dock and then click the Startup Disk icon.

    2. Click the Windows partition you created in the list to select it. (The folder icon bears the Windows logo, and it’s labeled Windows as well.)

    3. Click Restart, and then click Restart again when asked for confirmation.

      Your Mac reboots and loads Windows, and it continues to run Windows when started or rebooted until you follow one of the next two methods of returning to OS X.

  • From Windows:

    Right-click the Boot Camp icon in the notification area at the right side of your Windows taskbar — it looks like a slanted square — and choose Restart in Mac OS X from the menu that appears. Again, you’ll be asked to confirm your choice. After you click OK, your Mac reboots and returns to Yosemite.

  • During the boot process:

    Need a temporary fix from your other OS?

    1. You can reboot from either Yosemite or Windows and hold down the Option key when you see the Apple logo appear.

      Your Mac displays a nifty row of icons, each representing a bootable OS that your Mac can use.

    2. To boot OS X, click the Yosemite partition icon.

    3. To choose Windows, click the Windows partition icon.

      Note that when you turn on or reboot your Mac, it returns to the OS you last selected in the System Preferences Startup Disk pane.