OS X Yosemite Maintenance Checklist

By Mark L. Chambers

Part of OS X Yosemite All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You have to perform maintenance tasks in OS X Yosemite to keep your Mac running fast and smooth. You probably already know about some of the items that show up in this table. (For example, backing up regularly — you do back up regularly, right?) Unfortunately, some other maintenance tasks don’t get as much attention but play a vital part in keeping your Mac in tip-top condition for as long as possible. So check this table often, or print it and keep a copy near your Mac!

Task Schedules
Check for updates with Software Update Automatically Check for Updates setting (in System Preferences’
App Store pane)
Back up with Time Machine Automatic
Defragment (Micromat TechTool Pro or Prosoft Engineering Drive
Genius 3)
Once a month (magnetic hard drives only)
Repair Disk Permissions (Disk Utility) Once a week
Delete unnecessary user accounts (System Preferences) As necessary
Scan for viruses (Intego VirusBarrier X8, ClamXav 2) Automatic
Check all volumes for errors (Disk Utility or Prosoft
Engineering Drive Genius 3)
Once a week
Check for the latest drivers for your hardware Once a month (or after installing new hardware)
Delete temporary Internet cache files (Prosoft Engineering
Drive Genius 3)
Once a month