Organizing Your Schedule with iCal in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

Organizing Your Schedule with iCal in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

iCal is a wonderful program in Mac OS X Lion that combines a comprehensive daily/weekly/monthly appointment calendar and a to-do list. It offers multiple color-coded calendars, several types of reminder alerts, repeating event scheduling, and more. You can publish your OS X Lion calendar(s) on the web for others to view (which requires a MobileMe account or other WebDav server), and you can subscribe to calendars published by other iCal users.

iCal lets you display the main iCal window just the way you like it:

  • You can view your calendar by the day, week, month, or year. To select a view, click the Day, Week, Month, or Year button at the top of the window.


  • To move back or forward, click the arrow buttons on either side of the Today button. You see the previous or next week in weekly view, you move back or forward by day in day view, and so on.

  • To go to today’s date, click the Go to Today button.

  • To add a new calendar, click the New Calendar (+) button.

You can find all these items, most of which have handy keyboard shortcuts, in the iCal View menu. This menu offers almost total control of what you see and how you navigate.


If you want to master iCal, it would behoove you to spend some time experimenting with these views and with their navigation commands and options.