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Why You Need at Least Two Sets of Backups for Your Mac

By Bob LeVitus

You’re a good soldier. You are a diligent user of Sierra and you do all of the things you are supposed to do. You listened to Dr. Mac and you back up regularly. You think you’re immune to file loss or damage.

Now picture yourself in the following scenario:

  • You leave the office one day for lunch. When you return, you discover that your office has been burglarized, struck by lightning, flooded, burned to the ground, or buried in earthquake rubble — take your pick.
  • Alas, although you did have a backup, the backup disk was right next to your Mac, which means it was either stolen or destroyed along with your Mac and everything else.

This scenario is totally unlikely — but it could happen, and it does demonstrate why you need multiple backups. If you have several sets of backup disks, and don’t keep them all in the same room as your Mac, chances are pretty good that one of the sets will work even if the others are lost, stolen, or destroyed.