Mountain Lion Folder and Disk Dock Icon Menu Preferences - dummies

Mountain Lion Folder and Disk Dock Icon Menu Preferences

If you click a folder or disk icon in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock, its contents are displayed in a Fan, Grid, or List menu, as shown.


If you right-click or Control-click a folder or disk icon in the Dock, its Options menu is displayed, as shown here.


Here are the choices on the Options menu:

  • Sort By, which determines the order in which items in the folder or disk are displayed when you click its Dock icon.

  • Display As determines what the Dock icon for a folder or disk looks like. If you choose Stack, the icon takes on the appearance of an item in the folder or disk. If you choose Folder, the Dock icon looks like a folder, as does the Application folder icon to the left of the Documents icon.

  • View Contents As lets you choose Fan, Grid, or List as the menu type for the folder or disk.

    The default is Automatic, which is to say that the Dock tries to pick the menu for you. The List menu is the only one that lets you see and access folders inside folders (and subfolders inside other subfolders). For folders with images, Grid menu displays easily discernible icons for the folder or disk’s contents. The Fan menu is fantastic (ha!) when the folder or disk contains only a few items.

  • The Options submenu contains the following items:

    • Remove from Dock removes the icon from the Dock.

    • Show in Finder opens the window containing the item and selects the item. So, for example, in the earlier figures, the Home folder would open, and the Documents folder inside it would be selected.