Important Mountain Lion Server Information to Save

By John Rizzo

Part of Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Numbers and names help identify your server to the rest of the world. Keeping track of them can help if something goes wrong or if someone needs to take your place. Record the following Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server information and put it in a safe place:

  • ID numbers of the Mac hardware: You can find the MAC address (also called Ethernet ID) and the serial number in the System Information utility in /Applications/Utilities.

  • Administrator Account: Your short username and password that you use during installation. (If you’ve upgraded from Lion, the administrator account is already established.)

  • Internet addresses: Your router’s IP address, the IP range of your subnet, and the subnet mask. If your server is connecting directly to your Internet service provider, you may have a PPPoE account and password to record.

  • Static IP address of your server: Record for each Ethernet port.

  • Host name of your server: The server in or server.example.private.