How to Use Stationery with Mountain Lion Mail - dummies

How to Use Stationery with Mountain Lion Mail

Although stationery for e-mail isn’t for everyone, you might want to experiment with it in the Mail application in OS X Mountain Lion. First, to use stationery, click the Show Stationery button in a New Message window.

Here are some tips to help you have more fun with stationery:

  • Adding favorites: If you find you’re using a particular stationery a lot, you can add it to the Favorites category to make it easier to use.

    To do so, merely click the appropriate category in the list on the left (Birthday, Announcements, Photos, Stationery, and Sentiments in the figure); then click the stationery you want to make a favorite and drag it onto the word Favorites in the list on the left. When Favorites highlights, drop the stationery, and presto — that piece of stationery will appear in the Favorites category evermore.

  • Greeking out: You can change the Greek/pseudo-Latin text that appears in all the stationery by selecting it, deleting it, and typing whatever text you want to appear. You have to do it only once; the text you type in any stationery appears in all other stationeries.

  • Replacing pictures: You can replace any picture in any stationery with a picture of your own. Just drag a picture — from the Photo Browser (Window→Photo Browser) or the Finder — onto any picture in any piece of stationery.


  • Removing stationery: If you decide you don’t want to use stationery with a message after you’ve applied it, click the Stationery category and choose the Original stationery, which changes your message back to a clean, blank page.