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How to Use Comments, Tags, and Notifications in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

By John Rizzo

Document pages in Lion Server’s built-in web site have a right-side sidebar called Document Info, which contains several collaboration and navigation tools. (Wiki main pages have a truncated version. The full version is for documents that belong to wikis or My Pages.)

You can expand a set of topic heads by clicking the triangles next to them. Under each topic head, you can also add content by clicking the Add (+) button to the right of each item. Click the check mark when you’re done.

If you’re viewing the site from an iPad, you need to be holding it in landscape mode. Only then does the Document Info sidebar appear.


Tags in Lion Server built-in web site

Expanding the Tags section lets you view and add tags that help identify it and link the page and link to related pages. Clicking a tag brings up a list of pages, blogs posts, and files that are also marked with that tag.

Users can tag pages that are related for easy location and then filter pages by a tag. You might tag pages with a project name, topic, or other common identifiers.

To add a tag to the current page, click the Add (+) button and type a word. The browser will fill in the word if the tag already exists. Tags you add here are visible in other places on the site.

For example, they appear in the Tags item in the toolbar, which is available on different types of pages throughout the site. That Tags toolbar item brings up a list of all tags used in the site, not just on the viewed page.

Add a Related page

Expanding the Related heading displays a list of pages that have been marked as related to the current page. Click a page to go to it. To add a page to the list, click the Add (+) button and select an existing page from the pop-up menu.

Create Comments in Lion Server collaboration tools

This expanded heading can show a number of comments about the current page, kind of like a mini discussion forum. Click the Add (+) button and type your comment in the thought balloon. Shorter comments tend to work better in this format, so bone up on your Twitter skills.

History, Notifications, and Sharing tools in Lion Server web site

The History heading displays a list of older versions of the page, identifying the last editor and the date and time. Click one to go to that version.

Notifications are check box settings that tell the server to send you an e-mail when a change and/or comment is added to the page.

Sharing is an item that appears only if you’re an owner of the page. It lets you change the user permissions, add or remove user and group access, and change read and write permissions.