How to Turn On and Set Up Lion Server’s Profile Manager - dummies

How to Turn On and Set Up Lion Server’s Profile Manager

By John Rizzo

If you have your services running before you turn on and set up the Profile Manager in Lion Server, the Server app automatically creates a profile with the settings of the running services.

To turn on the Profile Manager service and have it create the first configuration profile, do the following.

  1. Click Profile Manager in the sidebar, click the On switch, and wait for the service to start.


  2. Change the name of the default configuration profile, which is Settings for Everyone.

  3. Make sure that the Include Configuration for Services check box is selected.

  4. If Device Management indicates Disabled, click the Configure button and follow the directions.

    This step enables a mobile-device-management (MDM) server.

  5. Select the Include Configuration for Services check box.

    A list of services appears. These are part of the profile.

  6. (Optional) Select the Sign Configuration Profiles check box for secure transmission of profiles.

  7. (Optional) Select a security certificate in the dialog that appears and click the OK button.

    Should you choose to change this later, you can click the Edit button next to Sign Configuration Profiles.

The Server app has now collected information from the accounts and the running services and has created a configuration profile for all users. It gives a default name called Settings for Everyone. You can change this name with the Edit button.

A profile is now ready, and you may be finished at this point. You can have users visit (using your server’s domain name). To get your actual URL, you can go to the Profile Manager pane and click the arrow next to Visit User Portal. Your browser will open to the portal page, where you can copy the URL for users.

If you’d like to edit the configuration profile or create new ones for individual users, groups, or devices, go to the Profile Manager web app.