How to Switch between Applications in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

How to Switch between Applications in Mac OS X Lion

If you plan on running multiple applications at the same time in Mac OS X Lion, you need to know how to easily switch from one application to another.

In Mac OS X, after you start one application, you do not need to close that application before you open another one. Mac OS X supports a feature called multitasking, which means running two or more applications at once. This is handy if you need to use several applications throughout the day. For example, you might keep your word processing application, your web browser, and your e-mail application open all day.

To switch between applications:

  • Click the Dock icon of the application that you want to switch to.


    • Mac OS X brings the application’s window(s) to the foreground.

    • The menu bar displays the menus associated with the application.


To switch between applications from the keyboard, press and hold Command and repeatedly press Tab until the application that you want is highlighted in the list of running applications. Release Command to switch to the application.