How to Start an Application in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

How to Start an Application in Mac OS X Lion

To perform tasks of any kind in Mac OS X Lion, you use one of the applications installed on your Mac. The application you use depends on the task you want to perform. For example, if you want to surf the World Wide Web, you would use a web browser application, such as the Safari program that comes with Mac OS X.

Before you can use an application, however, you must first tell Mac OS X Lion which application you want to run. Mac OS X Lion launches the application and displays it on the desktop. You can then use the application’s tools to perform your tasks.

To start an Application:

  1. Click the Finder icon.

    If the application that you want to start has an icon in the Dock, you can click the icon to start the application and skip the rest of these steps.

    The Finder window appears.


  2. Click Applications.

    You can also navigate to Applications in any Finder window by pressing Shift+Ctrl+A or by clicking Go and then clicking Applications from Finder’s menu bar.

    The Applications window appears.


  3. Double-click the icon of the application that you want to start.


    If you see a folder icon, it means that the application resides in its own folder, a storage area on the computer. Double-click to open the folder and then double-click the application icon.

  • The application appears on the desktop.

  • Mac OS X adds a button for the application to the Dock.

  • The menu bar displays the menus associated with the application.


To add an icon to the Dock for an application you use frequently, start the application as described in Steps 1 to 3. Right-click the application’s Dock icon, click Options, and then click Keep in Dock.


The easiest way to shut down a running application is to right-click the application’s Dock icon and then click Quit. Alternatively, you can switch to the application and press Ctrl+Q.