How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s System Preferences - dummies

How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s System Preferences

By John Rizzo

In Lion Server, you can designate printers to be shared by the client Macs or PCs on your network. One way to share printers in Lion Server is in the System Preferences pane.

  1. Make sure print sharing is turned on in Lion Server.

    Open System Preferences and click the Sharing icon. Make sure the Printer Sharing check box in the left column is selected.

    When printer sharing is turned on, you can select a printer to share.


  2. If a printer you want to share appears in the list, select the check box next to its name, and you’re done.

    If the printer isn’t listed, proceed to the next step.

  3. If the printer you want to share doesn’t appear in the list, click the Open Print & Scan Preferences button.

    The Print & Scan pane appears.

  4. Select a printer in the Printers list and select the Share This Printer on the Network check box.

  5. (Optional) To give the printer a new name that is more recognizable to users, click the Options & Supplies button, enter a name and location in the corresponding fields, and click OK.

    You return to the Print & Scan pane.


If you don’t see your printer in the list, it’s probably an IP network printer (not attached to the Mac) and probably isn’t discoverable. You can add it manually from this same Print & Scan pane. You’ll need to know the printer’s IP address and the print protocol that it uses.

Follow these steps to add a printer that isn’t appearing in the Print & Scan pane:

  1. Click the Add (+) button below the Printers list.

    The Add Printer window appears.


  2. Click the IP icon in the toolbar.

  3. Click the Protocol pop-up menu and then select your printer’s connection method: IPP, LPD, or HP Jetdirect.

  4. Type an IP address or a DNS name in the Address field.

    After you type an IP address, the Mac searches the network to find the printer. If the printer is turned on and is found, the Mac adds the correct PostScript Page Description file (PPD) in the Print Using pop-up menu. Otherwise, it selects Generic PostScript Printer for you. You can also select a printer from the menu.

  5. Click the Add button.

    The printer appears in the Printers list of the Print & Scan pane. The printer’s name will be its IP address.

  6. (Optional) Give the printer a more descriptive name by clicking the Options & Supplies button in the Print & Scan pane and then typing a Name and Location; click OK.

  7. Share the printer by selecting it in the Printers list and selecting the Share This Printer on the Network check box.

You can also add a printer by using the CUPs web interface.