How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s CUPS Interface - dummies

How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s CUPS Interface

By John Rizzo

The Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) web interface for Lion Server isn’t quite as simple to use for printer sharing as System Preferences, but if you’re doing other work with CUPS, you can use it to designate printers to share. The CUPS web interface also provides more choices when you’re manually configuring printers to add.

Here’s how to designate printers to share with the CUPS web interface:

  1. Open a web browser and go to the CUPS web interface.

    Use these URLs if you’re logged into the server Mac that is hosting the printing.


    • http://localhost:631

    If you’re accessing your server from another computer, use instead a URL in this form: http://server-ip-address:631, where server-ip-address is the IP address of the server on which you have printer sharing enabled.

  2. Click the Administration tab.

    The Administration page of the CUPS web interface appears.


  3. If you haven’t turned on printer sharing in System Preferences, turn it on now by selecting the check box next to Share Printers Connected to this System; then click the Change Settings button.

  4. Click the Find New Printers button.

    A list of printers may appear if CUPS finds any.

  5. Click Add This Printer if you see your printer in the list and skip to Step 9.

    Chances are, your printer will appear. If not, proceed to the next step.

  6. If you don’t see your printer, click the Administration tab and then click the Add Printer button.

    You may be prompted for your administrator name and password. If so, enter them and click the Log In button.

  7. Select one of ten types of printer, local, and network connections and click the Continue button.

    Your choices include Bluetooth, fax, http, ipp (and the secure versions, https and ipps), and Windows printer via spools.

  8. If you choose a network printer connection, type the correct form of a URL identifier, using a hostname or IP address; then click the Continue button.

  9. Type a user-friendly printer name, description, and location and click the Share This Printer check box; click the Continue button when finished.

    The printer appears in the Printers list.