How to Set Up Printers for Lion Server Print Sharing - dummies

How to Set Up Printers for Lion Server Print Sharing

By John Rizzo

Before you configure print services in Mac OS X Lion Server, make sure that your printers are connected to the network or plugged into the server. You also need to set up and configure your printers according to the manufacturer’s directions. For network printers, it’s a good idea to configure them using a static IP address so that they have a consistent location on the network.

Some printers have print serving or spooling features built in. Turn off these features if you want your users to go through the Mac OS X Server. Using two print queues (one in the printer and one on the Mac OS X Server) can cause users to wait longer before their documents are printed.

Some printers also come with protocols that can advertise the printer over the network, such SMB and Bonjour. You may consider turning off these features in these printers to prevent users from directly accessing the printers and avoiding the server-hosted print queues.

A good idea is to print to the printer from a Mac and a Windows PC (if you have them) before you configure printer sharing on your server. This way, you can spot any trouble that the printer may be causing.