How to Set Up Lion E-Mail with the Server App - dummies

How to Set Up Lion E-Mail with the Server App

By John Rizzo

The Server app may be all you need to set up mail service in Lion Server, particularly if you aren’t running DNS on Lion Server. If you’re using an Internet service provider that offers a relay server, a few mouse clicks may get you serving mail in no time. Here’s what you do:

  1. Launch the Server app from the Dock and click the Mail icon.

    If you don’t see your server listed in the sidebar under Hardware, select Manage->Connect To Server, choose your server, and log in.

  2. Check the hostname next to Provide Mail For and, if you want to change it, click the Edit button and type a new DNS name.

    The new name must be a valid, fully qualified domain name that is properly configured in DNS with your Internet service provider, a DNS hosting service, or your own network. The mail server hostname must be resolvable to an IP address with both forward and reverse DNS entries. If you change this hostname, you may have to update the DNS MX record.

  3. In the Mail pane, click the switch to the On position.


  4. If you’re using an Internet service provider to relay mail to the Internet, do the following:

    1. Select the Relay Outgoing Mail through ISP check box.

      The relay server could be a server in your own organization.

      A new dialog appears.

    2. Enter an IP address or a DNS name for the relay server.

    3. If your ISP requires authentication for its SMTP relay, enter a username and password.

    4. Click OK.


The Mail Server pane has two more check boxes:

  • Limit Mail to [blank] MB per User: Lets you set a quota, the maximum amount of storage space that you want to allow for each user. The default is 200MB, but you can set your own limit.

    This is the only place in Lion Server you can set this number. Server Admin has some other quota settings, but not this one.

  • Enable webmail: Turns on a feature that enables users to access the mail server from a web browser.

The Mail Server pane also has a button called Edit Filtering Settings for blocking spam and virus.