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How to Set Up a Mailing List in Lion’s E-Mail Server

By John Rizzo

The mail service in OS X Lion Server allows you to create mailing lists. Mailing lists, or listservs, are good ways to enable group discussions via e-mail. When a member of the listserv sends a message to the list address, it gets delivered to all the members. To create a listserv, use Server Admin:

  1. In Server Admin, click the triangle to the left of your server to expand the list of services.

  2. Click Mail from the list; then click the Settings icon in the toolbar.

  3. Click the Mailing Lists tab and select the Enable Mailman Mailing Lists check box.

  4. In the new dialog that appears, type a master password and the e-mail addresses of users who can administer the mailing lists set up on this server.

    List administrators don’t have to have access to Server Admin. They administer the list by going to this web page:


    In place of .tld, use .com, .edu, or another ending.


  5. Click OK and then click the Add (+) button below the Mailing Lists list box to add a mailing list.

  6. In the new dialog that appears, type a list name and an administrator.

  7. (Optional) Enable users to self-subscribe and choose a language.

    Maximum Length of a Message Body is by default set to 40KB, which is a bit limiting. Keeping this low saves hard drive space.


  8. Click OK.

    The new list appears in the main Mailing Lists pane.

  9. Select it and click the Users & Groups button in the lower right.

  10. When the Users & Groups window appears, drag the names of people you want to be members of the list into the main window.


  11. Click the Save button.

Lion Server uses Mailman open source software to provide mailing lists. For more information about the features and roles for users, list administrators, and server administrators, check here: