How to Set Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion - dummies

How to Set Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion

Creating Reminders in OS X Mountain Lion couldn’t be easier: Just choose File→New Reminder; press Command+N; click the Plus button in the top-right corner of the Reminders window; or click the first blank line in any List and begin typing.

Ah, but there’s much more to a Reminder. Reminders can

  • Remind you at a specific time on a specific date.

  • Repeatedly remind you at a specified interval.

  • Remind you at a specific location (great for iPhone and 3G/4G iPad owners).

And Reminders can also have a priority and notes. To access these features, you need to Show Info for the Reminder by choosing View→Show Info; pressing Command+I; clicking the little “i” that appears on the right side of the Reminder (hover your cursor over the right side of the reminder if you don’t see it); or double-clicking a blank spot on the Reminder.

Show Info for the Pizza and Wings Reminders is shown in here.


The first time you try to use At a Location, your Mac will present a dialog asking if you want to Enable Location Services to Allow “Reminders” to Use Your Current Location. If you agree, click the Open Privacy Preferences button, select the check box to enable Location Services in Reminders, and then close the System Preferences app.

If you don’t want to enable Location Services for the Reminder app, just click the Cancel button.

If you have an iPhone, Location-based Reminders are awesome.

Finally, to reorder Reminders in a List, click a blank spot on any Reminder, drag it up or down, and drop it into its new position.