How to Search with Google from within Safari - dummies

How to Search with Google from within Safari

Looking for something on the Internet from your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion? Check out Google, the fantastic search engine that’s totally integrated with Safari to help you hunt down just about anything on the Internet in no time.

To search the Internet with Google, follow these steps:

  1. Type the beginning of a word or phrase in the Address field.

    As you type, Safari offers a list of suggestions and recent searches.

  2. Click one of the list items, finish typing the word or phrase, or use the arrow keys to select a list item, and then press Return or Enter to start the search.

    Google almost immediately offers your search results.


  3. Click one of the result links.

    Links appear in blue and are underlined. You’re taken instantly to that particular page.

  4. If a particular result isn’t just what you’re looking for, click the Back button, and try another result link.

  5. If Google offers too many results that aren’t just right, click the gear button near the top of the results page and choose Advanced Search.

    Advanced searches refine your search with a multitude of options.


  6. Click the Advanced Search button.

    A refined results page quickly appears. As before, click a result link to visit that page. If it’s not just what you’re looking for, click the Back button, and try a different result link.

If you prefer to use Yahoo! or Bing rather than Google for your searches, choose Safari→Preferences, click the General tab at the top of the window, and choose your preferred search engine from the Default Search Engine pop-up menu.

One last thing: The little angle bracket icons on the right side of the toolbar and Bookmarks Bar indicate that the window is too narrow to display all the tools or bookmarks. Click it, and a menu shows you the previously hidden choices.