How to Search by Attributes in Mountain Lion

A Finding files and folders has never been faster or easier than it is in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. After you add a search attribute by clicking the + button, choose a search attribute from its pop-up menu: Kind, Last Opened Date, Last Modified Date, Created Date, Name, or Contents by default. Select an item, and its relevant pop-up menus and/or text entry fields appear.


File Size isn’t one of the default search attributes in the pop-up menu; here’s how to choose it and many other attributes not on the menu: Choose Other from the pop-up menu and a list of dozens of additional search options (including File Size) appears.


In the preceding figure, the File Size search attribute is selected in the list so you can use it for this search. And, because you expect to use this search attribute fairly often, the In Menu check box also is selected. As a result, the File Size search attribute appears below the Contents attribute in the pop-up menu for easy access.


The first time, it might take a few steps to use File Size as a search attribute, but the next time you need it, just choose it from the pop-up menu and search away.