How to Restrict Printer Access Using Lion Server Workgroup Manager - dummies

How to Restrict Printer Access Using Lion Server Workgroup Manager

By John Rizzo

When you share a printer in Lion Server, all users can use it by default. Usually, you would use either System Preferences or by using the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) to restrict access to certain users and groups. For a different take on restricting access to printers, you can use Workgroup Manager’s managed preferences.

Instead of setting which users can access a particular printer, Workgroup Manager does the opposite, letting you set which printers can be accessed by a particular user or group. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Workgroup Manager, log in if necessary, and click the Preferences icon in the toolbar.

  2. On the left side, just below the toolbar, click the Users or Groups icon in the short tab bar.

    It makes more sense to set allowed printers for a group.

  3. Select one or more groups (or users) from the list on the left and click the Overview tab on the right.

  4. Click the printing icon.

  5. Click the Always radio button next to Manage.


  6. Under the Printer List tab, select one or more printers from the Available Printers field and click the Add button.

    Note: Printer pools (or classes) do not appear in Workgroup Manager and can’t be used with managed preferences.

  7. (Optional) If you want require a password to access the printer, click the Access tab and select the Require an Administrator Password check box.

    You can also select a printer and click the Make Default button to set the printer as the user’s or group’s default printer.

  8. Adjust any other settings and click the Apply Now button to accept all your changes.