How to Restrict Printer Access Using Lion Server System Preferences - dummies

How to Restrict Printer Access Using Lion Server System Preferences

By John Rizzo

By default in Lion Server, all users on your network can use a printer once it has been set up to share. You can restrict access to certain users and groups by using System Preferences. There are other tools in Lion Server that can be used to restrict access as well.

To use System Preferences to restrict user or group access to a printer or printer class, follow these steps:

  1. Open System Preferences and click the Sharing icon to bring up the Sharing pane.

  2. Select the Printer Sharing line in the left column.

    Be careful not to uncheck the Printer Sharing check box.

  3. Select a printer or printer class (or pool) in the Printers list.

    By default, the Users field displays Everyone Can Print.

  4. Click the Add (+) button under the Users list.

    A dialog appears listing four categories of users in the left column:

    • Users and Groups: These are users and groups with local accounts. Use this category if you don’t have a network directory.

    • Network Users and Network Groups: These two selections each display shared network accounts.

    • Address Book: These are accounts listed in Address Book Server.

  5. Select a user category in the left column and one or more users or groups in the right column and then click the Select button.

    Hold the Command key to select multiple entries.


    The user or group you selected appears in the User list in the Printer Sharing pane.


  6. (Optional) Add users or groups by repeating Steps 4 and 5.

The users and groups you add are able to access this printer or class. All other users will no longer have access. Any users you add to the Users list will need to have passwords in their directory accounts. User accounts with no password won’t be able to print to a printer that has restricted use.