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How to Resolve DNS Problems while Configuring a Web Site in Lion Server

By John Rizzo

If the dot next to the domain name is red while you’re still configuring your web site in Lion Server, the Server app can’t resolve the DNS name to your server’s IP address.


To fix it, try one of these options:

  • Change the domain name to something that will resolve. Check the spelling and form of the fully qualified domain name that you entered in the Server app and check your DNS server. You also can’t have two virtual hosts with the same domain name.

  • Assign another available IP address. You can assign another IP address if you’re using both of the Ethernet cards in a Mac Pro or add more. To do so, double-click the site in the websites list of the Server app and choose an IP address from the pop-up menu.

  • Check your port number to see if another service is using it.

    Service Port Number Port Type
    Address Book Server 8008 TCP
    Address Book Server with SSL 8443 TCP
    File-sharing AFP 548 TCP
    File-sharing SMB 139 TCP
    iCal Server 8008 TCP
    iCal Server with SSL 8443 TCP
    iChat Server 5222 TCP
    iChat Server with SSL 5223 TCP
    iChat server-to-server 5269 TCP
    iChat Server file transfer 7777 TCP
    iChat local 5678 UDP
    iChat audio/video RTP and RTCP 16384–16403 UDP
    Mail, SMTP standard 25 TCP
    Mail service SMTP submission 587 TCP
    Mail service IMAP 143 TCP
    Mail clients IMAP with SSL 993 TCP
    Mail service POP3 110 TCP
    Mail clients POP3 with SSL 995 TCP
    Profile Manager services Same as web HTTP, HTTPS TCP
    Remote login SSH (Secure Shell) 22 TCP
    Screen sharing (VNC) 5900 TCP
    VPN L2TP 1701 UDP
    VPN L2TP IKE NAT Traversal 4500 UDP
    VPN L2TP ESP (firewall only) IP protocol 50 n/a
    VPN PPTP 1723 TCP
    Web service HTTP 80 or 8080 TCP
    Web service HTTPS with SSL 443 TCP
    Web service custom website 8000-8999 TCP
    Wiki, web calendar, webmail Same as web HTTP, HTTPS TCP

If these solutions don’t work, something may be wrong with the DNS service. If DNS is running on the same server Mac, use Server Admin to adjust Lion Server’s DNS service.