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How to Play Movies and Music in QuickTime Player

QuickTime is Apple’s technology for digital media creation, delivery, and playback. It’s used in a myriad of ways by programs such as Apple’s iMovie, by websites such as YouTube, and in training videos delivered on CD or DVD.

QuickTime Player is the OS X application that lets you view QuickTime movies as well as streaming audio and video, QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality), and many types of audio files as well. The quickest way to launch it is by clicking its icon in the Dock. It also opens automatically when you open some QuickTime movie document files.

Some QuickTime movies will open QuickTime Player, and others will open iTunes. To change the app that opens for a particular movie, right-click or Control-click its icon in the Finder and choose the application you prefer from the Open With submenu. This opens the file with that program this one time only. To make the change permanent, press Option, and the Open With command becomes the Always Open With command.

To play a QuickTime movie, merely double-click its icon — and QuickTime Player (or iTunes) launches itself.

Using QuickTime Player couldn’t be easier. All its important controls are available right in the player window.


Here are a few more QuickTime Player features you might find useful:

  • The Movie Inspector window (Window→Show/Hide Movie Inspector or Commdn+I) provides a lot of useful information about the current movie, such as its location on your hard drive, file format, frames per second, file size, and duration.

  • The Trim control (Edit→Trim or Command+T) lets you delete frames from the beginning and/or end of a movie.

  • The Share Menu lets you send your movies to others via the Mail or Messages apps; publish them to iTunes so you can watch them on your iPods, iPhones, and AppleTVs; send them to iMovie for additional editing and post-production work; or upload them to YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, or Facebook, and other similar sites.