How to Navigate the Mac OS X Lion Finder in Icon View - dummies

How to Navigate the Mac OS X Lion Finder in Icon View

By Bob LeVitus

Finder views in Max OS X Lion can make your computer feel like your Mac. Mac OS X Lion has four views — you can pick the best one for the situation. Icon view is a free-form view that allows you to move your icons around within a window to your heart’s content. To display a window in Icon view, click the Icon view button in the toolbar, choose View→As Icons from the Finder’s menu bar, or press Command+1.

Learn to love the Icon Size control in the lower-right corner of Icon view windows or in the top-right corner when the Sidebar and Toolbar are hidden.

The Finder’s View menu also offers a few commands that might help you glance through your icons more easily:

  • Arrange By: This command rearranges the icons in the active window in your choice of nine ways, which happen to be the same nine options in the Arrange pop-up menu.

  • Clean Up: Choose this command to align icons to an invisible grid; you use it to keep your windows and Desktop neat and tidy. If any icons are selected (highlighted) when you pull down the View menu, you see Clean Up Selection rather than Clean Up. If you choose this command, it moves only the icons that are currently selected.

Cleaning up your Desktop moves all your icons. Unlike arrange by, cleaning up your Desktop is not something you can undo.