How to Manage Cameras in Lion Server’s Podcast Producer - dummies

How to Manage Cameras in Lion Server’s Podcast Producer

By John Rizzo

After Lion Server’s Podcast Producer is set up and running, you can add cameras and restrict access to them. The cameras are plugged into Mac OS X 10.6 or later computers on the network or are built-in cameras in Macs.

The process of adding the cameras to the Podcast Producer server is binding the Macs to the server. Binding enables these cameras to be shared remotely using the server. You bind from the Podcast Capture application on the Macs. (You can’t use the Podcast Capture web interface.)

Bind Macs to the Lion Server and share cameras

To bind a Mac to the Podcast Producer server, open Podcast Capture on the Mac that has the camera you want to use and do the following:

  1. Choose the Podcast Producer server when prompted and enter a username and password.

  2. Open Preferences from the Podcast Producer menu.

  3. Click the Audio/Video icon in the toolbar.

  4. Choose a Mac camera from the Video Source pop-up menu.

    Make sure that you see an image from the camera in the preview area.

  5. Choose an audio source from the Microphone pop-up menu and then click the Start Sharing button.

  6. Click the Start Sharing button in the dialog.

  7. In the dialog that appears, type the password for your server account and click the Modify Settings button.

  8. In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the camera, type your password once more, and click Start Sharing.

You can do this for multiple cameras on a Mac and for multiple Macs. The cameras you add appear in Server Admin.

Limit access to cameras

By default, all server users have access to all cameras listed in Server Admin. For Macs used by one person, you may want to restrict access to that person. You can limit access to cameras in Server Admin:

  1. Click the triangle next to your server in the left column to expand the list of services.

  2. Select Podcast Producer from the list and click the Cameras icon on the toolbar.


  3. Select a camera from the list.

  4. Select Allow Access to Camera Name for the Following Users and Groups.

  5. Click the Add (+) button to add users and groups to the list.

  6. Click the Save button.

You can re-enable all users to access a selected camera by selecting Allow Access to Camera Name for All Users and Groups.