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How to Listen to Internet Radio with iTunes in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

Streaming audio is delivered over the Internet in real time. Think of streaming audio as being just like radio, but using the Internet rather than the airwaves as its delivery medium.

There are two ways to listen to streaming Internet radio stations in Mac OS X Lion with iTunes: the easy way and the less-easy way. The easy way is to listen to one of the hundreds of Internet radio stations included with iTunes. They’re even organized into convenient categories such as Alt/Modern Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Public, Top 40/Pop, Urban, and many more.

To listen to one of iTunes’ included Internet radio stations, click the Radio item in the Source List on the left and then click a disclosure triangle to the left of each category name to reveal the stations in that category.


The less-easy way is to find an Internet radio station on your own by surfing or searching the Web using Safari (or another Web browser). When you find an Internet radio station you’d like to listen to using iTunes, here’s how to get it into iTunes:

  1. Copy its address (its URL) by highlighting it and choosing Edit→Copy (Command+C).

  2. Switch to (or launch) iTunes.

  3. Choose Advanced→Open Stream (Command+U).

  4. Choose Edit→Paste (Command+V).

  5. Click OK.

    The station appears in your iTunes library.

Strangely, there’s no way to make an Internet radio station you’ve added yourself appear in iTunes’ Radio category. Apparently, only Apple is allowed to decide what is and is not “radio.”