How to Invite Others to an iCal Event in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

How to Invite Others to an iCal Event in Mac OS X Lion

By Bob LeVitus

The most basic component in iCal is the event. You can create them, manage them, and delete them, and if you’re creating an event, you’re probably going to want other people to attend. To invite other people to your iCal event, you can open the Mac OS X Lion Address Book or the iCal Address Panel (Window→Address Panel or Command+Option+A) and drag the contacts onto the event in iCal.

Alternatively, you can type the first few letters of the name in the Invitees field, and names that match magically appear. In the example, the letters st, have been typed and iCal offered a choice of two contacts with names that start with st (namely, Stan LeVitus and Stan Lee). Sweet!

After you’ve added one or more invitees, click the Send button to invite them to the event. If the invitees have iCal, they can open the enclosure (which is included with your invitation e-mail), which adds the event to iCal with Accept, Decline, and Maybe buttons. All they have to do is click the appropriate button, and you receive an e-mail informing you of their decision along with an enclosure that adds their response to the event in iCal.

If the invitee doesn’t have iCal (or doesn’t open the enclosure that was included with the e-mail invitation), he or she has to respond the old-fashioned way: by replying to your e-mail or calling you on the telephone.