How to Import Directory Information with Lion’s Server App - dummies

How to Import Directory Information with Lion’s Server App

By John Rizzo

You can use the Server app in Mac OS X Lion Server to import information from another directory. If you choose this option in Server Assistant during installation, the server creates an Open Directory master on your server and a connection to the other server.

If you didn’t see (or select) this option during initial setup, you can still import information now. This describes using the Server app, but you can also do it with Server Admin. If you don’t yet have an Open Directory master, the dialog prompts you to create one.

You can import user accounts and group accounts. When you import a group, the Server app imports all the user accounts that are members of the group.

With an Open Directory master on your server, you first use the Server app to connect to another directory and then you import a user or group. First, follow these steps to connect:

  1. Click the Manage menu and choose Connect to Directory.

    The Connect to Directory dialog appears.

    If you don’t have an Open Directory master set up, the Configure Network Users and Groups dialog appears and takes you through the process. When you’re finished, the Connect to Directory dialog appears.


  2. Click the Next button.

  3. Type the IP address or domain name of an Open Directory or Microsoft Active Directory server you want to connect to and click the Next button.

  4. 4. Enter the name and password of a user account for a directory and then click Next.

    If it’s an Open Directory account, it can be any user. If it’s an Active Directory account, the user must be an Active Directory administrator or a user account that has been designated with Add Workstations to Domain permission.

  5. In the Confirm Settings dialog, look over your settings, click the Back button to change settings, or click Set Up.

Now that your server is connected to the other network directory, you can import users and groups:

  1. In the Server app, click either Users or Groups under Accounts in the sidebar.

  2. Click the Add (+) button to bring up the New User (or New Group) dialog.

  3. Click the Type pop-up menu and select Imported User from directory (or Imported Group from directory), where directory is the network directory you are connected to.

    If you don’t see the Type pop-up menu, Lion Server isn’t connected to the other network directory.

  4. Begin typing the user or group account name you want to import, select the name when it appears, and click the Import button.

  5. Click the Done button.